If you love water you will find many sources, such as the source of pure and natural water at the entrance to the valley of thunder/waterfalls, as well as the source of sulphurous water and Tufi, the latter named after the concretions of Tuffs. The springs converge with each other and consequently the Tuorno torrent swells, from which the Valle del Tuorno takes its name. But why is it called Tuorno? Because if you go near the stream, the repetition of a sound becomes insistent and reminds the inhabitants of the rumble of thunder and hence the name Cascate Vallone del Tuorno, which in the local dialect means thunder. The water has drawn the bed of the river by softening the rock and creating 6 waterfalls, some more than 20 meters high and of which only two are visible on excursions. This area is rich in vegetation. There are tall oak trees and hornbeams with inextricable roots, sulphurous water springs and a wide range of plantations such as butcher’s broom, maidenhair fern, ferns, violets and ivy.



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